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Terms of Service:

Our terms of service are very simple. We fully seek to make our customers happy with anything they have ordered from us (non-tangible goods), and if they are not happy with the service they've received, we will issue a full refund.

Privacy Policy:

We do not as a company collect any cookies. The website may, but this is not intentional on our part. Any payment made to us, goes through a third-party merchant account with full SSL-security, and we do not get your credit/debit card details.


We are currently still working on this new website's look and feel, so it will take a while before we go totally "live" again.. So bear with us, and keep checking in...

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Contact through: helpdesk@sec2sec.org

Calling us

You may call us. If we cannot take your call, please leave a detailed message.

Intl.acc.code: +44 1625740197 or you can also fax us if it's urgent at:       +44 1625740198